Banyantree Foods Dry Ginger Powder 100g | BanyanTree Foods
Banyantree Foods Dry Ginger Powder 100g | BanyanTree Foods
BanyanTree Foods

Dry Ginger Powder 100g

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  1. Sourced directly from plantations in Kerala. 100% natural dried ginger freshly ground to a smooth powder.
  2. It should give a strong natural ginger flavour and a powerful kick to food and beverages.
  3. The ginger powder is fruity yet sharp and come with strong and smooth ginger flavours.
  4. The Ginger powder comes in BanyanTree Foods Refill sachets with a press lock - ideal to seal the freshness and aroma and refill as required.
  5. We are BanyanTree Foods, an employee cooperative from our collective love for exceptional food. We share the passion which goes into crafting unique food plates of high taste, finesse and quality. BanyanTree food ingredients is used by multiple Michelin rated Chefs & Restaurants worldwide. We are a producer member of the Guild of Fine Food.

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