Chettinadu Spice Blend 100g
Chettinadu Spice Blend|Curry Blend|BanyanTree Foods
Chettinadu Spice Blend 100g
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Chettinadu Spice Blend

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  • Chettinadu Spice Blend 100g
  • Forget Madras. Chettinad region in India is home to bold and authentic southern Indian flavours. This curry blend has been developed with close feedback from BanyanTree Foods restaurant and chef clientele, regional chefs, traditional cooks and food enthusiasts.
  • This spice blend has all-round use. It can be used as a Curry spice, Biryani spice, as well as a hot spice rub for grilling the meats. Aroma intact in press resealable sachets.
  • Pure and natural. Deep regional ingredients. Truly bold and authentic southern Indian curry flavours. Precision blending. Cold processed grinding.
  • Triple layered frosted sachets for protection from light, air and moisture.Manufactured in ISO 22000 : 2005 accredited facility.
  • We are BanyanTree Foods, an employee cooperative from our collective love for exceptional food.We share the passion which goes into crafting unique food plates of high taste, finesse and quality. BanyanTree Foods ingredients is used by multiple Michelin rated chefs & restaurants worldwide. We are a producer member at the Guild of Fine Food.