Awadhi Kesar Kebab Blend ( BBQ Rub) 100g
Awadhi Kesar Kebab Blend ( BBQ Rub) 100g
BanyanTree Foods

Awadhi Kesar Kebab Blend ( BBQ Rub) 100g

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  • Awadhi Kesar Kebab Blend ( BBQ Rub)
  • Awadh is a region in India known for its culinary heritage and traditional cooking techniques. It is known for its mouth melting kebab varieties.
  • Our house chefs use more than 18 different spices and natural ingredients including cashew nuts, cuddapah almonds, saffron, dried rose petals prepare this ready kebab mix
  • With 100% natural and fine ingredients, this kebab mix has met the enhanced flavour requirements of popular restaurants, chefs, regional food bloggers etc.
  • It goes well both on whole or minced meat, non melting cheese varieties, vegetables, beans etc. Now cooking succulent, flavourful and truly authentic Awadhi kebabs is easy!
  • We are BanyanTree Foods, an employee owned cooperative from our collective love for exceptional food.We are a team that share the passion which goes into crafting unique food plates of high taste, finesse and quality. BanyanTree spice range is used by multiple Michelin rated Chefs & Restaurants worldwide. We are a producer member at the Guild of Fine Food.

Allergen advice : Contains Cashew nut, Cuddapah Almond and Chick Pea Flour. Potential allergens highlighted in bold under ingredients.